Sold or now a public company

We have benefited from companies such as Adobe, CSC, Goldman Sachs, Mastercard and Microsoft buying our portfolio companies.

Financial technology

We have invested heavily in both enterprise facing and consumer facing financial technology companies, that benefit from the availability of APIs and other components being built, as well as the willingness of customers to work with new brands.

Enterprise Applied AI

We have looked carefully at the application of AI in solving enduring enterprise problems and backed a number of companies that are becoming leaders in their field.

Drones and Robotics

The application of AI in the drone and robotic space, and related technologies, are an area that we find to have a strong secular growth story and one that we find very attractive.

Enterprise enablement

We have a strong interest in technology that enables enterprises to be more efficient at what they do or do things that were previously outside their reach.

Marketing, advertising and analytics

Within the space of enterprise enablement, march, adtech and analytics are particularly interesting to us. It is a space where large dominant companies can be constructed.


Edtech is an area where we have been selectively investing over the years. It is an area ripe for innovation and modernization.


Consumers are willing to engage with new brands and there are major efficient that can be brought to bear with modern infrastructures.

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